Website: www.mushroomike.com
Phone: 360-723-2689

Mushroom Mike Godeck has been practicing the culture of tattooing since 2004. His first encounter with the art form was in Taxco, Mexico. This is where he helped to shape the first ever tattoo parlor in the town called Subsonica Tattoo circa 2006. After participating at other local tattoo shops, he moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he became an apprentice at Atomic Tattoos. He later moved back to Mexico to work for Wolf Tattoo in Taxco. Mike is now a proud member of the Artistry King Tattoo roster. While he specializes in Mexican folk tattooing, pre-hispanic design, he doesn’t limit himself to that particular discipline. Mike appreciates the idea of well rounded tattooing and is open for challenges in any styles of tattooing.